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Burke Brown Law, LLC specializes in Criminal Defense, Immigration, Adoption, and Estate Law.  We pride ourselves on offering clients customized representation to maximize their strengths and achieve their goals.  We specialize to win.  We strive to excel in these specific areas of law so that you can be certain you are getting the most professional, highly specialized advice.

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Burke Brown Law is passionate about helping good people achieve the American Dream.  We specialize in assisting clients in family-based immigration, asylum applications and removal defense.  By combining a fundamental understanding of the complexities of the immigration system and a client-centered approach, Burke Brown Law can give you and your family a customized plan to achieve your long term goals.


Criminal Defense

Are you or a loved one being wrongfully accused of a crime?  Are you looking at a criminal complaint asking, "what do I do now?" We are ready to help.  Burke Brown Law has the legal knowledge, skills, and dedication to protect your interests and secure your future.

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We are passionate about using the law to help good people lead a better life.  Are you a step-parent looking to adopt your step child? Are you looking to expand you family via adoption?  At Burke Brown Law, we use targeted strategies to help unify families and to help children have a brighter future.

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Estate Law

Are you questioning how to protect your family in case of disaster?  Are you wanting to maximize your legacy?  Did you recently lose a loved one? Burke Brown Law is ready to help.  We will work with you to create an individualized plan to secure your family's future.